Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zhaoming Wu Monday May 27th

Of course it was raining to beat the band but this time I did Whisk in to grab Zhaoming from the hotel and was off to the workshop.  We readjusted the stage and props on the stage for better viewing for a smaller group.  Zhaoming started with another Demo, this time Paulina wore a light dress.  We watched as Mr. Wu blended and married colours and worked with edge control; soft and lost edges, all to our benefit. Unfortunately a much harder concept to apply then to watch the master painter as he simply  breathed it in.
Here is the demo

Following are a few attempts by the workshop participants. You must realize a workshop painting never gets finished at the workshop and some rare cases, actually gets finished at home.  Please do not judge the paintings we are just trying to apply new concepts to the ones we have ingrained in our mind, not an easy thing to do we found as we all fall back to paint in our own style.  But workshops are about learning, trying, and understanding what the workshop leader has to offer each artist.

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