Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daily (Weekly) Painting

 I ventured out to Cheryl's studio in Crossfield with a friend to paint a still life. We had hoped to gather on mondays to paint but our monday is thursday this week, at least we squeezed it in.  We all painted from our own view.  I hope to be able to finish mine tomorrow and will post the painting , I had to run as  The Calgary Sketch Club had member ramzi keyello do a demo for us. He was using gesso paste as a base, adding brightly coloured oil pastel and finalizing with acrylic.  I was quite a different technique.  Ramzi's art stems from his background in watching old tv shows with nostalgic scenes and buildings.  He tell us the story of how he would sit and draw the things on the tv since he was a young child.  I compare this to my experiences in that, my aunts and uncles would  give me pencil and paper and that would keep me busied for the duration of our visit. I once I laid under a crib in a relatives house and just drew bunnies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calgary Stampede Deadline

It the 100th Anniversary for the Calgary Stampede this year, Only 2 days until the calgary stampede deadline. I will have to forfeit my gallery application as I do not paint that quick.  Yesterday, picking up my watersheds artwork at the Airdrie Public Library one woman said she painted 6 paintings in 5 days,  it would take me about 6 weeks and thats a speedy goal for me too. I have allotted only one day a week for painting as the others are filled with classes which I enjoy teaching.  I will however, submit a picture to the auction and partake in the window where I can work on a painting while spectators view on.
Going to the Maritimes during the months of september and october (my stampede painting time) was apart of the delay.  I however, have beautiful photographs to paint from that excursion.

Oh and here are the watersheds paintings I had on display.