Thursday, July 17, 2014


Please vote for my banner at

My artwork was chosen for a banner and is on display on First Avenue in Airdrie, Please vote for me and I can win $200 and you can win some awesome prizes too.  Just click on the link and vote for this artwork.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Workshop with Sarah Kidner in April

urban scenes in oil

paintings i was working on:

Workshop with rick Berg

During the months of April and May 
we had talented Artist Rick Berg teach us classes on colour theory
The ever hard working... Rick Berg... You can always find him painting in his studio and that is great for our motivation.

Here is the artworks I was working on, having brought yellow items of various textures we proceeded to record the textures with oil paint

May workshop with Roberta Combs

Roberta Combs was our May workshop Instructor and here is the uncompleted piece I was working on:

The workshop ended on a Monday and I was off to Edmonton to help plant the garden, It rained all week and so didn't get the work done til the following saturday; We got most of it in and then it started pouring, well, we got drenched but completed the planting.  
I had been accompanying my father on the tractor when he had a heart attack as we were preparing to plant the garden and then later that week had the successful open heart surgery. I have been away since the workshop as I was visiting my son out of country.  He and his wife have been blessed with a baby girl and I went to spend some time with them.