Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just have a few things left to do on this kitty but having a hard time with the foreshortening, Will post the finished artwork and hopefully will have conquered it, lots of whiskers to add too

Friday, February 24, 2012


Mike Svob Workshop is Full, It will be the highlight of the year.  This Workshop is made possible by funding acquired from the Federation of Canadian Artists.  I am responsible in preparing and organizing a fundraiser possible that allows the FCA Calgary to hold such revered events.  Without it we would not have this wonderful opportunity.  - I just wanted to say that! (I have spent lot of time and effort on this endeavour and with out a doubt know it is a worthwhile landfall for the organization of the Federation of Canadian Artist Branch here in Calgary)
I am the Workshop Coordinator (My partner Sonja is off enjoying the sunshine somewhere, but I am not sure she is the winner in this...I think I wouldn't miss this one!) I will be getting the materials required this week, cutting boards: we will need about 100, purchasing paints (both oil and acrylic), and mediums, pastes, gels, retarders, mineral spirits, etc.... I will be booking a hall, a caterer,  accommodation for Mike and other necessities that Mike will need to make this trip. I am with excited with much anticipation, so much so that I even went out and bought his book!  A very rare and expensive find.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My next project, ready by tomorrow??
For the FCA show entitled Spring = This painting "Spring Break"
as part of my series -  Taste of Citrus

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



What have I been up to, well I was at the Elveden Centre in downtown Calgary sitting with the art exhibition for the Calgary Sketch club.  Lately I have been working on pieces for the FCA show coming up in March. Here is the last one I am going to complete another kitty for the FCA