Monday, February 23, 2015

Alan Wylie Workshop

This weekend I hosted Alan Wylie in a Federation of Canadian Artists Workshop.  A master in his field it was an honour, He is all knowledge and it is such a treat to get refreshing information on creating artwork. As workshop coordinator of the FCA-Calgary for many years it usually it is the same repititive information. Alan was able to articulate new concepts which is so valuable to the upcoming artists. Here we are discussing whether my table line cuts the picture in half too much.

Monday, February 9, 2015

sneak preview of art for the FCA Calgary Show in March.

This turned out so lovely ... I wish i could get a better photo of the painting, I am still working on naming it.

latest 8 X 8 works

In Cuba, These young men work hard to sell a few coconuts, beach blankets, hats and trinkets.  Called "Barraquinha Cuba"

These horses were in the summer but I transformed the background. This is on my husband's family farm on highway 16 west of Calgary.

FCA Workshop MIxed Media