Monday, June 3, 2013

Zhaoming Wu Demonstration Sunday May 26th

I began the workshop with a demonstration by Zhaoming Wu.
I purchased a gorgeous dress that I thought was in the Zhaoming Wu "STYLE"
The demonstration was three hours long on Sunday evening , It included a wine and beverage bar as well as vegetable, cheese and other healthy food munching platters.
During the demo it was very quiet
Here is the beautiful Painting.

I began in the morning by dropping off the goods, chairs, materials, equipment, food, drapery, and the rest of the stuff.  Then I headed home to drop off the truck and pick up the car to go to the Calgary Airport , there I whisked Zhaoming (hahahaha whisked, yah sure, a little drama at the airport, but indeed I saved Zhaoming and not to mention my BUTT from his dreaded trip right back to San Franscisco) So we headed to Atlantis Framing Studio where we discussed the set up for the evening, and the costume.
He then checked in at the hotel and we had a quick bite to eat and headed back to the shop.
People were already filing in at 5 o'clock.
Thanks to Leila and Marija for all there help in registrations and set up, thanks to Ellen and the other ladies who lent a hand.  Many thanks to Ken who built the stage and helped in the props and setup. 

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