Sunday, February 7, 2016

To my delight Zhaoming Wu paints another painting from our workshop.

As I was browsing around at some of my favourite artists I came across a new artwork from our amazing instructor who displayed kindness and applied knowledge to each particiapnt in our Canadian workshop. I purchased Zhaoming's  last one, it was had a cool undertone but this time he shows how he can warm up the colours. W O W !!  Gorgeous  He is always teaching something, its been years since the workshop but there is always something I recall or can see in his artwork that continues to inspire me.  Yes Years, it will be forever until I hope to paint with all he has to offer.

Now I will repaint the one I did with cool colours by adding the same warm tones, off I go to the drawing room...
  Silent Flows
 by Zhaoming Wu 
20 x 16

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