Sunday, October 14, 2012

FCA Watercolour Workshop & CSC Art Show

Its going to be a busy week for me Tuesday I will be teaching my first classes for the year, homeschool art then its off to the federation of Canadian Artists for the demo that Rick Berg will be doing, I was going to drive him but my daughter was in a car accident so I will be taking her to the university early for a 6pm class. There will be a judging at the FCA for a door prize painting that I will choose and frame tomorrow. I also will be expecting visitors from Northern Alberta; a friend of mine from high school and her daughter who will  taking courses in calgary and staying with me for the duration of the week. On wed and thurs. I teach again but thursday I will need to hustle straight from work over to the calgary sketch club to sign up the members for the art show on the weekend. I will need to decide and frame the 5 artworks I will be bringing as well. (perhaps monday i can start this after I have planned lessons for the 3 homeschool and seniors classes) )  I will also be hosting the watercolour workshop with Brent Laycock held at Atlantis Framing beginning at 7 on friday night and all thru saturday.  As lead for the show I will need to take the kitchen supplies like urns and coffee/etc. for both clubs on the weekend. I will be at The Calgary Sketch club show at 8am for people to sign in and to set up, a three hour shift and then I run back over to the FCA workshop around noon and find time for lunch, make sure that the workshop participants are happy and then I will return to close the CSC show.   whew... The proximity from one to the other is not that close, Both functions end at 4 pm so thats the only difficulty I see but there are so many nice people I know everyone will be more than willing to stand in when it is necessary. Hopefully the weather will be cooperative!  See you at the show.

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