Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mike Svob Workshop

Event coordinator for this workshop Here I am dabbling in a new style of painting, while i don't plan on painting in this style it is fun to learn new ways to look at applying paint.  I hope to have a chance to finish these.  The methods we used were:
 1. Black Gesso underpainting (the same style that Rick Berg uses)
 2.  Painting graduated tones
 3. Black gessoed panel rather than white, chalk drawing, rinse.  yes repeat...

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  1. Yes, it was a stressful couple days and I certainly look it, Grandpa LaRose died at the burly age of 77 only the day before of a massive heart attack, I as trying to organize the workshop, the planes for the boys and myself and deal with the grief, whew that all said I really look forward to finishing the paintings I started at the workshop.