Friday, February 24, 2012


Mike Svob Workshop is Full, It will be the highlight of the year.  This Workshop is made possible by funding acquired from the Federation of Canadian Artists.  I am responsible in preparing and organizing a fundraiser possible that allows the FCA Calgary to hold such revered events.  Without it we would not have this wonderful opportunity.  - I just wanted to say that! (I have spent lot of time and effort on this endeavour and with out a doubt know it is a worthwhile landfall for the organization of the Federation of Canadian Artist Branch here in Calgary)
I am the Workshop Coordinator (My partner Sonja is off enjoying the sunshine somewhere, but I am not sure she is the winner in this...I think I wouldn't miss this one!) I will be getting the materials required this week, cutting boards: we will need about 100, purchasing paints (both oil and acrylic), and mediums, pastes, gels, retarders, mineral spirits, etc.... I will be booking a hall, a caterer,  accommodation for Mike and other necessities that Mike will need to make this trip. I am with excited with much anticipation, so much so that I even went out and bought his book!  A very rare and expensive find.

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