Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calgary Stampede Deadline

It the 100th Anniversary for the Calgary Stampede this year, Only 2 days until the calgary stampede deadline. I will have to forfeit my gallery application as I do not paint that quick.  Yesterday, picking up my watersheds artwork at the Airdrie Public Library one woman said she painted 6 paintings in 5 days,  it would take me about 6 weeks and thats a speedy goal for me too. I have allotted only one day a week for painting as the others are filled with classes which I enjoy teaching.  I will however, submit a picture to the auction and partake in the window where I can work on a painting while spectators view on.
Going to the Maritimes during the months of september and october (my stampede painting time) was apart of the delay.  I however, have beautiful photographs to paint from that excursion.

Oh and here are the watersheds paintings I had on display.

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